Civil and Architectural Coordinator

  • Must be a licensed Civil Engineer, at least 3 years of experience both in Horizontal and Vertical Construction
  • Experience in Project/Construction Management or owner’s representative for high rise building construction
  • Preferably with experience/knowledge in Quantity Surveying for High Rise Building Construction and Horizontal Work/Site Development
  • Knowledge/familiarity with Building codes, Cebu City/Local Ordinances, and other Gov’t/Private properties regulations/restrictions.
  • Working knowledge/exposure in an ISO (Quality and Safety) Environment
  • Proficient in Autocad and MS Project. Knowledge in structural design programs is an advantage
  • Willingness to learn, and a team player
  • Coordinate construction activities (Civil and Architectural) done by Contractors or by Administration
  • Monitors construction activities as to schedule and quality
  • Ensures timely completion and quality of projects
  • Ensures compliance of contractors to safety, security and environment programs
  • Attends coordination meetings with contractors
  • Pro-active role and immediate action on every occurrence of delays and quality problems
  • Coordinate with contractors in the request for resolutions of design conflicts/clarifications, non-compliance to works and matls quality and other construction issues
  • Push contractors in catching up schedules and resolutions/rectification of construction related to problems and issue
  • Review, Inspect and certify progress billings of contractors in coordination with QS Consultant or Endorsement to Construction Mgr (if without QS Consultant)
  • Ensures that Contractors submit the site daily activity logs


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Gothong Southern Shipping
Application Date
Nov 09, 2016 - Dec 09, 2016
Cebu City, Philippines

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