Chief Engineer

Job Description:
Chief Engineer
  • The Chief Engineer in matters pertaining to the discipline and working relationships of the Engine Personnel.
  • Providing efficient maintenance of the main propulsion engine(s) and reduction gear(s) if any.
  • Maintaining all machinery spaces clean and orderly, including all cabins/living quarters of the engine personnel.
  • The on the job training of all engine cadets.
  • Conducting regular check-up of the engine inventory, preservation of storage spaces and the preservation of the ship’s spare parts and tools.
  • Monitoring the Third and Fourth Engineers in conducting their proper maintenance of the auxiliary machineries supporting the main propulsion engine(s).
  • Relating all work status of the machinery items of the vessel and the related electrical components to the Chief Engineer.
  • Accomplishing and submitting on time the following reports:
    • Main Engine Running Hours
    • Main Engine Performance Data – 1


Reports to
Gothong Southern Shipping
Application Date
Nov 09, 2016 - Dec 09, 2016
Cebu City, Philippines

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