Our market condition has been marked with ever increasing changes not just locally but globally as well. To heighten global competitiveness, the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) realizes the need for a regional cooperation in order to achieve sufficient economic developments. By December 31, 2015, the ten nations that make up the ASEAN envision an “ASEAN Economic Community” which will establish a highly competitive single market and production base through the integration of their economies. The unified market is characterized by the free flow of goods, services, skilled labor, investments and capital.

As a shipping company, Gothong Southern (GS) is confronted with increasing competition and growing opportunities in the forthcoming regional integration. With this, GS aims to strengthen competitive advantage by propelling the company to new heights. This constitutes a growing need to further improve corporate governance. As a respond to the challenge, Gothong Southern enlists the services of Institute of Corporate Directors, a highly respected training and consultancy firm that seeks to raise the level of the country’s corporate governance policy and practice to world class standards. Its chairman, Dr. Jesus Estanislao, is also the chairman of the Institute for Solidarity in Asia and one of the leading advocates for good governance and for responsible citizenship. They conducted a workshop on Performance Governance System to the GS leadership team last January 31-February 1, 2014. As a result, it empowers Gothong Southern to recommit, renew and deepen its Vision-Mission statements and Core values as a foundation for strength and sustainability. It also enables the company to think big and long term by creating a strategy roadmap to support its vision for 2020. This roadmap clearly emphasizes Gothong Southern’s commitment in growing its people to improve internal processes and thereby creating desirable results in customer and financial objectives. Furthermore, it will allow the company to contribute to the society, particularly, in disaster preparedness, heath, safety and security.  

Indeed, the Performance Governance System will serve as Gothong Southern’s anchor in moving forward. This calls for commitment, breakthrough performance, transformation and discipline. More importantly, it capacitates all GS leaders and members to work hand in hand in the spirit of Bayanihan. Equipped with God’s superior guidance, Gothong Southern will undoubtedly rise up amidst the challenges and soar high.

The waves are strong but we are stronger!

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