Gothong Southern Group of Companies – 65 leaders from GS and its sub-business units including GSSLI, GLI, GSAS, GSP, and Fujinoya – coming from all parts of the Philippines gathered together in a 2-day Leadership Conference held at the Marco Polo Plaza Hotel, Cebu.

The CEO, Bob D. Gothong inspired all the leaders to prepare for an upcoming battle towards the organization’s 2020 vision, as one team. On top of it, he further triggered the fighting spirit of the participants to go the extra mile, and embrace the challenge ahead with full strength, passion and energy. 

The Leadership Conference was conducted on November 4-5, 2016 with the objective of revisiting the 2016 Corporate Performance of GS as well as to nurture the success formula of Gothong Southern which is “people + culture”. The 2day program gave an avenue for the leaders to experience fun and learning through team building activities facilitated by the Office of Strategy Management, Economic Briefing conducted by Patrick Cheng of China Bank and a motivational talk entitled “Grow” presented by Ardy Abello, an internationally certified leadership performance coach. All 65 leaders learned the essentials of the Four Disciplines of Execution through a presentation by Neil Antiquina of Lilolele, Inc. The organization’s homegrown leader, Leolu S. Tagalog also briefed the participants with the Balanced Scorecard, a tool used to measure the organization’s performance. 

Woven altogether, the 2day leadership conference brought not only smiles and satisfaction to the participants but also learning and unforgettable moments they can treasure. As it is now headstrong focused on lobbying the growth of its people and inculcating an inclusive culture within the organization, Gothong Southern Group of Companies is now ready to take on a new challenge ahead – this time with a brighter outlook, stronger passion, and fiercer teamwork! SPCEBSP!