In Recognition of the Frontliners of the Domestic Shipping Industry

7 April 2020

Notwithstanding the risks of COVID19, the domestic shipping industry frontliners, our seafarers, the ports, truckers and operations teams continue to work day and night to bring food, medicines and essential needs to the Filipino people.

Shipping has often been overlooked as the silent hero, and more so in times like these. Just like the truck drivers, truck helpers and other transport personnel including shipping port, container yard and warehouse personnel, we acknowledge their role as logistics frontliners. While they may not be as critical as our heroic medical frontliners, they are worth noting nonetheless.
Everyday since the crisis broke out, they have also been risking their own safety in order to keep the flow of goods moving. Due to quarantine measures vessel crews are not allowed to disembark, sacrificing shore leaves and not being with their families to keep everyone in the country supplied. A common message has emerged from all the brave and resilient crews saying “While we stay on board for you, please stay at home for us and let the world heal.” We pay tribute to these everyday heroes and recognize their role in keeping the Philippine economy moving despite the prevailing Enhanced Community Quarantine.
To the frontliners in the domestic shipping industry, along with those in transport, logistics and supply chain we say, Maraming Salamat Po!

#ShippingYouCanDependOn #PHShippingServingYou #WeHealAsOne #WeMoveAsOne

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